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Homeworld 2 Vanilla Event
Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:00 pm by TheWorldSmith
Due to the resounding failure of the Complex event, we are going back to Vanilla for this one.

What weekend would you like to have the April event?


Douglas 'Forloftol' Bacon

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 Lore-Blast: Sajuuk

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PostSubject: Lore-Blast: Sajuuk   Mon May 27, 2013 1:18 am

In terms of religion:

While there is no universal religion among the Hiigarans, almost all believe that in some form or another, Sajuuk -- the Great Maker, He Whose Hand Shapes What Is -- shapes the path of their destiny. Specifics vary widely from sect to sect. Some believe Sajuuk is a benign god who protected them in Exile and guided them to their home. Others view him as an uncaring deity whose actions follow their own, inexplicable design.

His influence reached across much of the Galaxy which the Homeworld universe takes place in. He is commonly known as the Great Maker, or He Whose Hand Shapes What Is. His name was first mentioned in the history of kiith Gaalsien, and his name was given to the Taiidan Ion cannon frigate- "Sajuuk-Cor", which roughly translates into "Wrath of God". The dreadnought of the ancient Hiigaran Empire was also named Sajuuk’s Wrath, and was used in the bombing of the Taiidani Imperial Palace and against the Bentusi in the time before the Exile.

In the events of Homeworld 2, it is prophesied that Sajuuk will return and herald the coming of the End Time. This, along with the Vaygr invasion led by Makaan, forces Karan S'jet to lead the Hiigarans in another epic journey across the Galaxy. Sajuuk, as Homeworld 2's story unfolds, turns out to be a Progenitor warship which could only be activated by combining the three great Hyperspace Cores. This ship was used to activate the Eye of Aarran, a galaxy-spanning network of hyperspace gates.

It is possible that Sajuuk is a universal deity popular among several intergalactic nations, not just among the Hiigarans.

The Sajuuk-Khar, the Chosen One Of Sajuuk (or the Chosen of He Whose Hand Shapes What Is) was depicted in many ancient galactic prophecies as the being who would unite the Three Hyperspace Cores and bring Sajuuk back to the galaxy, thereby creating a reign of peace that would last 1,000 years.

In terms of the vessel:

Sajuuk, is a legendary Progenitor starship sealed away in the Balcora black hole cluster at the centre of the galaxy. After defeating Makaan, the Hiigarans abandoned the Pride of Hiigara so as to unite the Three Hyperspace Cores and awaken Sajuuk. Because Karan was directly integrated into the Pride's Hyperspace Core, transferring her from it to Sajuuk rendered the Mothership useless – constructing and integrating a new neuronic operator would take far too much time, and Hiigara was in danger.

Sajuuk was found to be also the only ship that can destroy the Planet Killers sent by Makaan during the Siege of Hiigara, via its Main Cannon.

After the Vaygr War, Sajuuk was found also to be a key, just like the Progenitor Dreadnaught was a key to Balcora Gate. Hiigarans discovered the Eye of Aarran and later on found that it could be opened using Sajuuk. The discovery was more than anyone could expect. Sajuuk was found to open the Great Network of Hyperspace Gates.

Sajuuk's three Hyperspace Cores are united together in this mighty Progenitor warship. In practice, it is essentially a scaled-up version of the Dreadnought, with a similar super-beam weapon. Though the size of a Mothership, Sajuuk is not as well armored as the Dreadnought, but can make tactical hyperspace jumps.

After defeating Makaan at Balcora, the Hiigarans reawakened Sajuuk by removing the Hyperspace Cores from the Pride of Hiigara (which was abandoned) and transferring them to Sajuuk. Sajuuk became the new flagship of the Hiigaran fleet, returning to Hiigara to face Makaan's final threat, the Planet Killers.

Like the Dreadnought, Sajuuk is also a key -- to the Eye of Arran, a galaxy-wide network of hyperspace gates.

There are also theories about the Progenitors developing technology capable of creating intelligent life forms, allowing the Progenitors to 'seed' the galaxy with different variants of intelligent life. Such technology would be, however, extremely advanced even for the likes of the Progenitors.
There is also a theory believed by myself, and others, that during the Progenitor's extinction, the last Progenitor, Sajuuk, rode upon his mighty chariot, seeding the galaxy (As said above), placing the dreadnaughts and hyperspace cores among the seeds, and then returning to Balcora through Balcora's Gate and resting there, dying, with the vessel not to be discovered until the near-end of the Dust Wars.
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Lore-Blast: Sajuuk
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