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This is the official website for the facebook group 'We Want Homeworld 3'. Here we will discuss the game and organize events and tournaments.
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Homeworld 2 Vanilla Event
Lore-Blast: Vaygr EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 6:00 pm by TheWorldSmith
Due to the resounding failure of the Complex event, we are going back to Vanilla for this one.

What weekend would you like to have the April event?


Douglas 'Forloftol' Bacon

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 Lore-Blast: Vaygr

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PostSubject: Lore-Blast: Vaygr   Lore-Blast: Vaygr EmptyMon May 27, 2013 1:20 am

This is a link to the proof that the Vaygr are not human, the concept art:


The Vaygr were tribes of nomadic warriors from the Vaygr Reaches.

In the beginning, Vaygr was a name of tribes believed to come from the long since forgotten world of Vay, traveling throughout the Vaygr Reaches of the Galaxy, conquering worlds that they encountered. Traveling only on sublight drives in fleets called Crusades, they managed to conquer and enslave many various worlds, eventually becoming a notable strength in the Galaxy.

Vay was homeworld of Vaygr. Located deeply within the Eastern sector of the galaxy (Vaygr Reaches), this isolated planet was home to the Vaygr. It was here they developed their first space ships and formed Crusades.

Throughout the history of the Vaygr many warlords found various Progenitor relics, commonly proclaiming themselves Sajuuk-Khar, however only one of them, named Makaan, succeeded in finding one of most important - the Third Hyperspace Core in the Hethlim Ice Fields. Since Makaan found the Third Core many other warlords joined forces with him, and the Vaygr begun to create overwhelming fleets, and began to move towards the Inner Rim worlds. Makaan also managed to convince Taiidan Imperialists to join forces with him, as they still had a strong desire to retake Hiigara. This way the Vaygr started a Holy Crusade, conquering many worlds in a path stretching from the Vaygr Reaches, through the Eastern Fringes, up to the Inner Rim worlds. Each planet the Vaygr conquered was stripped of all available resources that could be used to feed the Crusade then left barren.

Makaan's life is, for the most part, a mystery. While the details of his invasion of the Hiigara system and his war with the Mothership Fleet are well known little else is known about the remainder of his life from his birth to whether or not he even escaped death at Balcora (a debated point). This is largely due to a lack of information given by Relic Entertainment about Makaan, one that has been filled with fanon and speculation. Until Relic provides more information, these theories will serve as a supplement for Makaan's biography.

The details of Makaan's childhood are little known. Some fans suppose that Makaan was born into the royalty of a Crusade and was brought up a prince. Others suppose that he started his life as a mere warrior who slowly rose through the ranks due to his skill. The exact details are unknown and probably will remain so for some time if not indefinitely.

On the eve of the Dust Wars the Vaygr were a minor power. By their end they were one of the most feared and respected empires in the galaxy, indeed in history. How did Makaan achieve this sudden change? Before his rise to power the Vaygr had been united few times and never for particularly long. Only a semblance of cultural unity kept the Vaygr from making all out war against one another. Yet Makaan managed to overcome these barriers and unite the people of the Vaygr Reaches into such a fighting force as to tame the Taiidan Imperialists into allies. Once again, how he did this is not specifically known although many theories range in this area.

Even as the leader of the Vaygr hordes Makaan was a foe to contend with. But what made him a logistical nightmare for the Hiigarans and his other enemies was his discovery of the Third Core, the third of a legendary trinity of hyperspace cores forged by an ancient and forgotten race known as the Progenitors. His discovery of the core had been prophesized long ago as the event that would trigger the End Times, a cataclysmic war that would end in galactic peace.

Minus the religious pretext of the End Times the discovery of the Third Core was still an important event. It gave Makaan the power that before only the Unbound and the Hiigarans had possessed: the ability to transverse far reaches of the galaxy easily and quickly: the power of Far Jump.

Makaan's discovery of the Third Core made his power nearly unvanquishable. Even the Hiigarans could no longer defeat them and the Bentusi had long since abandoned any military presence. Not only did he now have one of the most powerful empires in the galaxy under his domain, but he also had the power of far jump, something even the Taiidan at their height had never possessed.

Some would think it was inevitable that Makaan would turn on and attack his Hiigaran allies. But nothing of the sort was true. The Hiigarans, though with a much smaller population than the Vaygr, still were a potent fighting force and one in which military service had become something of a requirement (due to the Hiigarans' fear for a century of losing their homeworld to a more heavily number and armed force). A war with them, if fought improperly, could be disastrous. It is also possible Makaan had his own reasons for not attacking the Hiigarans immediately.

The key was that Makaan did not turn on the Hiigarans until his own worshipers began to convince him he was the Sajuuk-khar. Once that happened he became overconfident, and lost fear in defeat. It was only a small matter from there to his attack on the Hiigarans. Therefore, how he became the supposed Sajuuk-khar and his early years as such are an important factor in Makaan's life.

Makaan's military buildup inevitably led to war. As the Hiigarans prepared for the prospect by building a new mothership at Tanis the Vaygr analyzed Hiigara's defenses. The plan, so far as Makaan had it, was to try a new strategy, one he had never tried before. Instead of bothering to take particular worlds to fortify a position in Hiigaran space he would take advantage of the Hiigarans' lack of numbers and bypass their entire defense network, hitting Hiigara and capturing it before the war had really begun (curiously, the Hiigarans have used the very same tactic against Taiid, which led to their exile).

The plan was nearly jeapordized however when he discovered the construction of the Pride of Hiigara at Tanis. Instead of heading straight for Hiigara he decided to eliminate this threat first, believing the mothership not yet finished and rather defenseless. However the attack on Tanis was hardly a major victory for though the shipyard and base there were destroyed the Mothership Fleet escaped intact. It was then that Makaan resorted to his earlier plan and took Hiigara rapidly.

Though the Mothership Fleet arrived in time to recover its crew from the homeworld Makaan did manage to take the world, at least strategically. Hiigara became disconnected with its fleet and the remaining Hiigarans outside Makaan's domain were forced to take command of themselves.

There was one thing that Makaan didn't count on, and that was that the Hiigarans would discover the Gatekeeper of Sajuuk, a Progenitor Dreadnaught needed to unlock the powers of Sajuuk. Though Makaan recovered an identical vessel faster the fact that the Hiigarans had realized that the true challenge was to recover Sajuuk and not defeat Makaan's fleet meant ill for the Vaygr.

Furthermore the involvement of the Bentusi against the Vaygr aided in Makaan's eventual downfall, although their numbers had dwindled to (supposedly) just Bentus as a result of Makaan's efforts to destroy them and recover their far jump core. It was ironic then that the Bentusi granted their hyperspace core to the Hiigarans who then used it to their advantage.

It was then that Makaan came up with final grand strategy. He would bait the Hiigarans and bring them to the outskirts of Balcora, a giant black hole at the centre of the galaxy. The only way in and out was either through the Balcora Gate or by using the powerful quantum wave generated by the Sajuuk when activated. Should he trap the Hiigarans there he hoped to recover the two cores they possessed and combine them with his, allowing him to conquer Sajuuk and become the undisputed ruler of the galaxy.

The plan backfired however when the Hiigarans were better prepared than he thought. Through great effort they finally managed to destroy Makaan's fleet and indeed his own flagship. With Makaan's flagship destroyed and the warlord presumed dead, the Vaygr War was now nearly over.

After a few years the whole of the Inner Rim was at war with the Makaan led Vaygr (fans usually call these 'Makaan Elite Guard'), and soon after they managed to reach Hiigara. The Vaygr forces managed to lay siege to Hiigara soon after destroying Tanis Station, however there was still one primary target that wasn't in their hands - the Second Core, which was onboard the Pride of Hiigara, the Hiigaran mothership under the command of Karan Sjet, also known as Fleet Command. The Vaygr Fleets chased the Pride while simultaneously conquering worlds and searching relics. Throughout this chase, the Pride's fleet encountered many Progenitor sites and relics, most horrifying were the Keepers. In the middle, both the Pride and the Vaygr managed to salvage a Progenitor Dreadnaught ship, with the Vaygr presenting it to Makaan. It turns out that these Dreadnaughts are the keys to Balcora (connected with the gate outside), where the great Sajuuk lies. Turns out that Sajuuk is neither god or a supernatural being, it was a ship. Makaan and the Hiigarans struggled for control over the titanic ship. In the battle, Makaan was destroyed, and the Hiigarans united the Three Hyperspace Cores inside Sajuuk in exchange of the Pride. The Hiigarans' fleet returned to Hiigara.

Makaan is a very talented individual. He is for example a brilliant strategist who became nearly unstoppable during the Vaygr War. He also is charismatic, able to unite the Crusades for the first time in recent history. As an Unbound however he also came in possession of many unusual abilities. He was able to sense the fabric of space and hyperspace both around him, and move his flagship as though it were his own body. It is also quite possible he was telepathic, as he was able to send a message to Karan over the fabric of hyperpace as she came closer to the Sajuuk.

Like most unbound it is generally assumed that Makaan was a psionic, that is to say that he was both telepathic and telekentic to some level or another. While this is not directly suggested in the game except for the telepathy he may have demonstrated in communicating with Karan (although it his voiceover in the particular cutscene was merely for theatrical purposes) it is commonly assumed by many fans. In Homeworld: Legacy it is even a crucial part of the story as he and Noreena often communicate by telepathy for private conversations and he is able to sense deception from his enemies.

It is interesting to note that in early versions of Homeworld 2 Makaan was not actually a person, but rather an artificial intelligence who had manipulated the Vaygr into becoming his minions. Like most other parts of these early scripts this was eventually scrapped when Relic essentially restarted the production of the game in 2002.

While in the finished game Makaan appears to be humanoid, concept art of Homeworld 2 released later hint at another appearance of the race during earlier stages of production. The Vaygr depicted therein are thin-limbed, four-fingered toad-like humanoids shown in skintight black suits and face masks/breathing masks. It is maybe that Makaan is actually from a different race while the Vaygr he commanded are really Vaygr.
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Lore-Blast: Vaygr
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